Special Audio (Mp3's)   __   

Here is a section of songs that we have edited and/or remixed to add a different flavor to KIDS Incorporated.  We hope you enjoy them and new songs will be added when new mixes are made! Enjoy!

MIXED - Two versions of the song from different seasons have been merged together to create a unique duet.

EXTENDED - This means that the song has been extended with verses repeated and/or intros extended.

DIALOGUE - This is an excerpt of dialogue from a random episode of the show.

STUDIO - This is a studio recording of the show with cue marks and includes lyrical verses not heard in the episode versions.  The quality of these aren't that great but worth the download to hear what was cut out of the episode.

Name Season Size Type Time Download
Flames of Paradise 4/5 2.8MB MIXED 2:22 Download Now
Hindsight 20/20 3 5.9MB EXTENDED 3:10 Download Now
No Looking Back 2/3 3MB MIXED 2:33 Download Now
Funny dialogue from a scene from "The Guitarist" with 'Dude' (That's the name his mother gave him) 5 1.8MB DIALOGUE 1:30 Download Now
The Gang Finds Out Rahsaans Real Name 4 638KB DIALOGUE 0:40 Download Now