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Here is a spot where all the question's (or at least most) you e-mail me about can be answered. If there is a question you want answered that is NOT listed here, please e-mail me here. Again, please make sure you check to see if your question is here before you e-mail me.

1. When is Kids Incorporated coming on DVD?
This has been asked over and over again. I am not quite sure when Kids Incorporated is coming on DVD. The main thing that would hold this show back is the music licensing. It costs big bucks to get licensing for music. It may be hard to get the rights to certain songs. One instance is the hit show, Fame from the early 80s. Some of the music had to be replaced because the license was either too expensive or not available. So we just have to wait and see what happens.

It was said back in September of 2005 by Fergie (Stacy Ferguson) that we would be able to see all her terrible outfits relived, but MGM said they haven't heard anything and that it would be difficult for music licensing as said above. Someone could have the international rights to it, but no one knows for sure.

2. Who owns Kids Incorporated right now?
That's a good question. Currently, MGM owns the rights to the domestic release of the show, whether it is on TV or DVD. The KI archives (video footage) is owned by Disney right now. Thomas Lynch has no ownership of the show anymore as far as I have been told.

3. Does Kids Incorporated have any albums or video releases?
Yes! Kids Incorporated released 4 albums: Kids Incorporated (1983 - A special made before Rahsaan Patterson [The Kid] joined); Kids Incorporated (1984 - Season 1); The Chart Hits by Kids Incorporated (1985 - Season 2); New Attitude by Kids Incorporated (1985 - Season 2). They also released 3 VHS specials: Kids Incorporated - The Beginning (1983-84; Chartbusters (1985); The Best of Kids Incorporated (1985)

After Kids Incorporated was aquisitioned by the Disney Channel, the records and VHS stopped being produced. 

4. Why did Disney do that?
I have no idea. It's a shame really, they sold like hot cakes from what I remember, my Mom in 1985 went to about 10 stores to find them and they were always sold out because they were so popular.

5. Did you make the show? If not, who did?
No, I didn't make the show nor do I have any affiliation with anything about it except for the fact that I have a fan site about it. It was created by Thomas W. Lynch who has gone on to produce and create tons of shows, including the latest hit, Romeo on Nickelodeon.

6. Why did Kids Incorporated go off the air?
Kids Incorporated went off the air in 1996 because The Disney Channel's 10 year license expired. It was broadcast overseas until 2001 in some European countries. Disney didn't renew it because it was redesigning its programming for its new look and line up. It's quite a shame really.

7. Can you tell/give (Insert KI star's name here) something for me?
I do know several of the Kids Inc. stars personally, but I cannot give them or tell them comments from you. Some of them do visit the site so if you left a comment on the message boards I'm sure they'd see it. Sorry, I just can't do it.

8. Where was the show filmed?
The show was filmed in California at the Hollywood Center Studios from 1984-93.

9. Did the P*lace (Palace) really exist, if so, where?
You'd be surprised how often I get this question. The P*lace didn't really exist. We also don't know what city/state Kids Incorporated took place in, but we do know the street name they are on is called 'South Street' which is confirmed in Season 4 in the episode 'Front Page News'.

10. How come you don't update the site everyday?
Because I don't have the time to maintain it daily. I try to update the site every other day so you guys can watch, listen or read something different. Which is why I have other sites that you can look at when this site doesn't have an update.

11. Why can't you put all the mp3s and videos you have, on this site for us to download?
There are a number of reasons why I don't do that. For one, I don't have all the episodes; I have about 125 out of the 150 episodes that aired. Secondly, if I post all the mp3's and video's, people will get download happy and crash my server. Thirdly, if people get what they want then they won't come to the site and the Kids Inc. spirit will be lost after their need is satisfied.

12. Why don't you post more KI-TV's?
The reason why I don't post more KI-TV's is I need to post them every 6 weeks or every couple of months. If I post a new episode that contains 5 songs, it's 5 less video clips I can post on the site. Why would people want the individual clips if I can post it in the full episode? There are currently about 6-8 hours of KI eps on the site for you to watch. Start there for now :) hehehehe.

13. How come you don't post KI-Radio's more often?
I try to update KI-Radio every couple of week's and let everyone listen to it a few times. There are plenty of KI-Radio's on the site that will keep you singing and dancing for about 6 hours! So keep that in mind :)

14. Can you send me this video/mp3?
Sure! I would love to. If there is a video or mp3 that you want and I have it encoded, shoot me over an e-mail here. If I have it, I will send you an e-mail with links to download your requests. I will be setting up a login system to gather your requests soon. Look out for that coming up in the next month or so.